Overview, applications and training of use of RTCA-DP

Overview, applications and training of use of RTCA-DP system recently installed at Department of Immunology, MUW.

 Dear All,

Department of Immunology invites scientists from the Medical University of Warsaw willing to attend training of use and application of RTCA DP system (non-invasive, label-free, full kinetic information real-time cell analysis allowing to analyze your cells on-line while adhered in culture). Analysis is based on measuring the impedance with utmost precision what provides a wealth of information on all processes going on inside the cells.

 Key applications of RTCA DP system

  • Adhesion and proliferation assays
  • Receptor-interaction assays
  • Immuno-Oncology: screening tumor cell killing
  • Cytotoxicity assay (compound-, virus-, cell- and antibody-induced)
  • Cell-to-cell interaction assays (direct contact or by means of the E-Plate Co-culture inserts)
  • Continuous quality control of media, media components and cells
  • Cell migration assays (migration and invasion assays) replace e.g. Boyden chamber or comparable assays

 Venue – Library of the Department of Immunology

 Training schedule:


10 am: seminar and discussion on the applications

11 am: introduction to the system, maintenance and calibration, experiment setup

Afternoon: launch of the assay


Open time: data analysis and discussion

If you are interested in attending the training, please contact to Dr. Adam Sobczak via email: asobczak (in domain) wum.edu.pl